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BÖCKER SCHÜTTKEN Real Estate has been trading in Hamburg and Düsseldorf since 2013 and is a company of the owner-managed Böcker Wohnimmobilien Group, a byword for successful marketing of residential properties in Düsseldorf since 1995.

The portfolio of Böcker Wohnimmobilien comprises not just the sale and rental of residential and commercial properties, but also the business areas Developer Services, Property Management and the business area of Investments described here.

Whereas, in the Investment area, Böcker Wohnimmobilien concentrates primarily on exclusive single-family dwellings and residential apartments in the metropolitan area of Düsseldorf, BÖCKER SCHÜTTKEN Real Estate focuses on real estate as a capital investment across the whole of Germany, and particularly in Hamburg and Düsseldorf.

The increasing fluctuations on the stock and financial markets have already resulted in strong demand for real estate investments. This stronger demand particularly relates to private investors whose investment objectives are safe investments or purely returns. This process is further driven by the current interest situation.

Particularly at a time when there are few alternative investment types, property as a low-risk, comparatively profitable capital investment becomes the main strategic focus of institutional investments, family offices and private investors alike. And rightly so. The stability of property value has been undisputed for a long time, and today, profits can also be expected at a level that alternative investment types cannot offer except at much higher risk.

This development has resulted in greater competition for the properties available on the market. Currently, the search for real estate offers matching a customer’s individual investment profile is becoming an increasing challenge for market participants.

As a logical consequence, the range of services offered by Böcker Wohnimmobilien are supplemented by the focus of BÖCKER SCHÜTTKEN Real Estate on properties for investment and returns. Long-term expertise, a wide network and varied contacts give us access to interesting and versatile investment projects. In this way, the right property to match individual demands can be identified. This is because not every property by any means meets the conditions of a sound capital investment.

The work of BÖCKER SCHÜTTKEN Real Estate is characterised by professionalism and passion for real estate – our customers’ satisfaction in the long term and long partnerships with our customers are our greatest motivation.